Riskified Ltd. (RSKD): AI-Powered Solutions for Fraud Management

Riskified Ltd. (RSKD) is a leading provider of eCommerce risk management solutions, specializing in fraud prevention and chargeback protection.

The company, headquartered in New York, leverages AI-powered technology to enable online merchants to maximize revenue and profit by reducing fraud and risk. Riskified’s platform is designed to protect the entire eCommerce journey, offering a suite of products including Chargeback Guarantee, Policy Protect, Dispute Resolve, Account Secure, and PSD2 Optimize. These solutions help merchants detect and block fraudulent transactions, reduce chargebacks, prevent policy abuse, and secure customer accounts, all while enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Key drivers of Riskified’s growth include its ability to continuously improve fraud detection through machine learning and data analytics, expanding its merchant base, and entering new markets and verticals. The company’s robust AI algorithms analyze millions of data points to provide real-time decisions, significantly reducing manual reviews and operational costs for merchants. By partnering with some of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms, Riskified has demonstrated a substantial return on investment for its clients, achieving up to a 594% ROI in fraud management and risk intelligence​