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This Shipping Stock Is The Trade For Tomorrow

An international shipping company and leader in the seaborne transportation of refined oil products and chemicals. Their fleet of product tankers is fully chartered under medium- to long-term time and bareboat charters. CPLP $16.0600 0.1200 % 0.7500 Capital Product Part Sector : Transportation Industry : Transportation – Ship Signal Short Term Trend Long Term Trend […]

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Bets That Fed Hikes May Peter Out Spur Inversions in Eurodollars

(Bloomberg) — Traders are increasingly betting that the Federal Reserve’s cycle of interest-rate hikes, which hasn’t even gotten underway yet, will fizzle out sooner rather than later. Parts of the curve for eurodollar futures, which among other things are used by traders to bet on the direction of central bank policy, have been inverting over […]

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The best reason of all to postpone retirement

Everyone knows the financial arguments for why we should wait as long as possible to Social Security benefits: Your benefits increase by 8% for every year from age 62 to age 70 that you postpone claiming. For those who have other sources of income during these years, increases this large are hard to beat. But […]

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Want Clean-Energy Stocks? Here Are 3 That Turn Farm Products Into Fuel.

Harvesting corn stalks for a biogas plant. Patrick Pleul/picture alliance/Getty Images One solution to the climate crisis can be found on farms and in kitchens. Vegetable and animal oils, and even cooking greases, can be made into renewable fuels that are mixed with traditional fuels and allow refiners and transportation companies to lower their carbon […]

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Gas Traders Worry Prices Could Plunge After Volatile Winter

(Bloomberg) — It’s been a roller-coaster ride for natural gas this year, with most of the time spent climbing to newer heights. Spot contracts in Asia and Europe surged to a record, triggering factory closures and bankrupting energy retailers from Singapore to the U.K. Higher prices also meant storage facilities weren’t replenished as much as […]

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Inflation Stocks
Warren Buffett

With inflation no longer ‘transitory,’ Warren Buffett is relying on these 3 stocks to come out on top

With inflation no longer ‘transitory,’ Warren Buffett is relying on these 3 stocks to come out on top After months of rising prices, the Fed’s claim that high inflation rates would be “transitory” is looking a bit transitory itself. “It’s probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what […]

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Top Stock To Buy On Monday

Star Bulk is a global shipping company that provides high quality transportation services of dry bulk cargoes. On a fully delivered basis the Star Bulk fleet comprises of 128 modern vessels built in world-class shipyards and with an average age of approximately 9.6 years. SBLK $21.6600 0.4300 % 2.0300 Star Bulk Carriers Sector : Transportation […]

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2 Top Water Supply Stocks Ready To Move

California Water Service Group (CWT) California Water Service Group is an American public utility company providing drinking water and wastewater services. It is the third-largest investor-owned publicly-traded water utility in the United States, serving roughly two million people through its subsidiary companies in California, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Washington. American States Water Company (AWR) American […]

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Blackstone just became the biggest warehouse landlord in the world

Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity firm, invests in nearly everything in the global economy: biomedical research, digital payments, autonomous robots, power plants, motel chains, dating apps, and a slew of amusement parks including SeaWorld and Legoland. But lately, there’s nothing Blackstone loves more than a warehouse. In 2019, Blackstone real estate head Ken Caplan said […]

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Could Suriname Become The Next Oil Hotspot In Latin America?

The deeply impoverished South American country of Suriname, which has been sharply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is hoping to replicate the hydrocarbon success being enjoyed by neighboring Guyana. While Suriname’s economy shrank by 16% during 2020 because of the fallout from the pandemic, Guyana’s gross domestic product soared by a massive 43.5% and the […]

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The Fed Faces Another Conundrum: The Bond Market Isn’t Following Its Lead

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell at a U.S. House Financial Services Committee hearing in Washington. Al Drago/Bloomberg Was Jerome Powell channeling Paul Volcker this past week by admitting that inflation has ceased being transitory? Or will he wind up being more like Alan Greenspan, facing a conundrum if the bond market fails to follow the […]

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