Day: November 21, 2018


Wait…what? Did Bezos really just say AMZN is doomed to fail?

Last week in Seattle, Amazon (AMZN) held an all-hands company meeting. When asked by an employee about the company’s future, founder and CEO said something that I don’t think most people would expect of any CEO, much less the CEO of one of the most disruptive companies in the world. “Amazon is not too big […]

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Tech Industry

Why You Should Run From These 2 Blue Chip Stocks

Blue chips are usually solid buys. They might not be the most exciting stocks, but they’re household names and have been around the block.  Blue chip equals safe, right? But sometimes blue chips struggle and become the kind of investments that investors should avoid at all costs. The kind of investments that do damage to […]

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Consumer Staples

Market Giving You Anxiety? Consider These 3 Solid Stocks

We’ve been seeing more down days than up in the stock market recently, and it’s giving many investors understandable anxiety. But in times of stress, the consumer staples sector is a good one to look to. Companies in this sector offer products that consumers need regardless of the economic conditions, making them great options for […]

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