Day: January 11, 2019

Value Traps

Is LRCX a big value opportunity, or a big value trap?

Did you study the California gold rush in your high school history class? I did, and I remember that one of the most interesting things to me about it was the fact that over the seven years that marked the period, the people that made the most money weren’t prospectors; they were the entrepreneurs that […]

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4 Most Traded 2x and 3x Gold ETFs (DUST, NUGT)

ETF fund providers Direxion and ProShares specialize in leveraged fund products that cover a multitude of markets, sectors and assets. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that these providers manage the most actively traded leveraged gold ETFs in the marketplace. These leveraged gold funds come at a cost though. Due to the frequent trading and fund management necessary […]

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Small Cap

These 3 Small Caps Could See Huge Growth In 2019

December was a rough month for stocks, with small caps leading the market in its selloff. While the S&P 500 did briefly dip into bear market territory in a brutal Christmas Eve crash, the Russell 2000 small-cap benchmark had already entered into a bear market with small caps more than 20% off their previous highs. […]

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Tech Industry
Tech Stocks

3 Stocks Leading The New Wave Of Tech Companies Shaking Up The Market

BlackRock (NYSE: BLK) chief equity strategist Kate Moore said in an interview with Bloomberg Television this week that the world’s largest money manager is “not giving up on technology” stocks. “The tech sector is still a well-liked and well-loved sector across BlackRock,” Moore said. But this year, it may be out with the old and […]

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Bear Market
Defensive Stocks

Seeking Safety? Goldman Sachs Says These 3 Stocks Are The Ones To Buy Now

While this week we’ve seen the longest winning streak in the market since September, Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) says investors still need to be careful in this uncertain environment. Growth in the U.S. is expected to slow to 2.3% this year, according to the Fed. This is a significant slow down from last year, when […]

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