Day: December 24, 2022

Crypto Crash
Crypto Fraud
Cryptocurrency Mining
Cryptocurrency Regulation

Crypto Is ‘Effectively Nonexistent’ for Big Institutions, JPMorgan’s Gross Says

(Bloomberg) — Money managers who have avoided the many ups and downs of cryptocurrencies may be feeling relieved for having done so, according to a senior investment strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management. “As an asset class, crypto is effectively nonexistent for most large institutional investors,” Jared Gross, head of institutional portfolio strategy at the bank, […]

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Liquefied Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas Crisis
Oil Stocks
Oil Supply

Oil Passes Natural Gas as Main Fuel for Power Plants in New England

(Bloomberg) — Oil took over from natural gas as the leading fuel for power plants in New England, a significant switch that signals how the grid is desperately trying to keep the lights on in the face of a winter massive storm. The six-state grid relied on oil for at least a third of its […]

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