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OSK has reversed a downward trend and is up 18% since October – is it too late to buy?

Markets are naturally cyclical – they swing from high to low and back again on a consistent, if unpredictable basis over a range of time frames. The different time periods associated with any given cycle, or sometimes even the depth of a certain cycle’s direction, can shade the casual investor’s perception about a stock’s opportunity. […]

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Is HFC worth its bargain status?

The impact of the global pandemic sometimes seems to have no end in sight – even though economic activity has been picking up enough this year to start raising a lot of questions about inflationary pressures, their impact on interest rates, and more. One of the sectors that has rallied strongly since November of last […]

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Energy Crisis
Gasoline Prices

Global Gas Prices are Soaring to Record Highs. Here's Why.

Image by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash Natural gas prices have risen to seasonal record highs as global gas demand is expanding and supply is not able to keep up. Bullish fundamentals combined with weather-related events have acted as tailwinds to propel prices. The extreme supply tightness of the global gas market is now spilling […]

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Gasoline Prices

Gasoline prices usually fall this time of year as vacation season ends. So why are they jumping?

This is not supposed to happen at this time of year. At a moment when gasoline prices are usually heading down, the reverse is happening. Prices are soaring amid a sudden increase in the price of oil, which is refined into gas for cars. Normally, prices ease after the end of the summer travel season […]

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