Day: September 5, 2019

“I Don’t Care If The Market Is Crashing, Rebounding... Or Just Going Sideways…”

Retire In 18 Months With $2.4 Million Regardless Of Market Conditions? It takes a certain sort of person to sit back while the global markets are on fire and say, ‘I just don’t care…bring it on.

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Michael Burry Of The Big Short Fame Says This Is The Next Market Bubble

“This fundamental concept is the same one that resulted in the market meltdowns in 2008.” And when this trend reverses, “it will get ugly,” Burry says.

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This Specific Sector Has Been Known to Rally During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Dorian just barreled its way through the Bahamas earlier this week, and estimates of the damage have already skyrocketed to dramatic levels. A new Bloomberg report cited risk modeler and insurance firm Karen Clark & Co., which said that damage to commercial, residential, and industrial properties as well as business-interruption expenses could total $7 […]

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Knowles Corporation (KN) – Buy Target – $21.25 or better

Trade Setup Buy Target – $21.25 or better Sell Target – TradersPro Sell Signal Knowles Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells micro-acoustic, audio processing, and precision device solutions for the mobile consumer electronics, communications, medical, defense, aerospace, and industrial markets worldwide. It operates in two segments, Audio and Precision Devices (PD). The Audio segment designs and […]

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The Next Round Of Trade Talks Are Officially Happening Early Next Month

Plus, the jobs report was mixed, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bad week gets worse, Apple is taking advantage of cheap debt, and Facebook can now be used as a dating app.

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Despite being near an all-time high, SYK might still offer an interesting value

This week, I’ve been turning my focus to Healthcare stocks, most particularly to the Healthcare Equipment industry of that sector. The most-established stocks in the industry all seem to be at or very near to all-time high levels – something that I believe is driven by broad fundamental strength among most of these companies as […]

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